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How will complaints pertaining to the Registration Process be addressed?

There are some common complaints with data collection for the single register:
1. Eligibility appeal: Households, which were declared non-poor, and therefore ineligible for social protection interventions, but who consider themselves eligible can appeal through the case management system. 
2. Missed out/excluded households: Households whose data was not captured for one reason or the other can appeal through this system.
3. Inclusion of non-poor households: Community members may lodge a complaint against households categorized as poor by the GNHR, but which have been identified as a non-poor household.

4. Information update request: Occurs when the head of the household or any of the partners requests a household information update because there have been significant changes in household structure and/or composition, due to births, deaths, move to new housing and infrastructural changes. Information updates may also be required due to erroneous and/or incomplete information captured during the information gathering process such as address, names, date of birth etc.
5. Complaints about Quality of Services: Occurs when a person complains about the general quality of the service provided by GNHR and/or any partner organizations.

To resolve any of the above issues or any other issues that may arise out of the Registration Process, a household may do so by the following means; 
• In-Person: Affected households may contact The District Social Welfare Office or their Community Focal Person who will assist in the completion of a complaints form. The Household will then receive feedback from the Case Management Team. 
• By Phone: Citizens may also submit their requests and complaints through the “contact centre” of the GHR. A Toll Free number for the Contact Centre will be widely advertised via Mass Media and also through our Community Engagement Programme.
• Webpage: Citizens will also have the possibility to submit their requests and complaints through the GHR webpage.



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